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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Completely unnecessary. If you don't like it, then why subject yourself to the place? Nothing has apparently changed since your last 'RP hates the rest of the world' post. When I hit a point where this place no longer appeals to me, guess what?? There won't be a farewell post, or insinuation of leaving. lol

Loyd L.
What he said. You know, this whole " hates anything non-U.S." has annoyed me for some time. But it does make me that the overall feeling of the majority, or just the loudness from a vocal minority here on the forums?

Here's what I have to say. The vast majority of U.S. railfans have no aspiration or means to venture over to Europe or Asia to photograph trains. Therefore, they don't care about those subjects.

For me, I'm a bit different. As a younger fan, friends and I laughed at the "barrels and wagons" we saw in photos of European trains. Had I not become an airline pilot with the ability to expand my railroad photography beyond U.S. borders, I'd probably still be joking about "barrels and wagons."

I often go through the entire rack of submitted 24 hours for any given day, and non-U.S. shots typically make up approximately a quarter of the accepted shots. And guess what? They generate little interest. Sorry, JMF and the other " hates foreign contributors" conspiracy types, but it is just the nature of the site. I really like what the world has to offer, and make mental notes off of what I see here. But for the average U.S. fan, photographing a railroad outside the USA is a pretty far-fetched idea, and unlikely to happen. They aspire to go to locations such as Fostoria, Ohio and Folkston, Georgia. And they are interested in photos from these locations. Things within the realm of possibility for them generate interest. Something you see as a subject you can't believe a U.S. railfan wouldn't give their life to photograph weighs on an equal scale with what I see when foreign fans ask for information about the U.S. Really, you want to do Tehachapi?!? There are SO many better things to do here. But invariably, I see the foreign crowd wanting to come see our most cliched and over-hyped locations.

So, I guess we should just agree to disagree. And the "USA versus the world" part is quite petty. That's just another ruse you and your "This site hates foreigners" crowd uses to disparage this site. Honestly, I had forgotten your name until this dust up. I was honest when I said I enjoy your work and the places you have been, but even more honestly, when you go off this "America hates the world" rant you do from time to time, I just want to say say this site will be fine without you and your photos. It doesn't have any effect on how often I submit photos on contribute on the forums.
Mike Derrick

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