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I second Lloyd & Mikes comments and will add more to it. 1st - this site belongs to someone else and they have their own tastes so If they dont like a pic, thats their prerogative. All of us have gotten offended at someone point cuz one our own pics was not "good enough". I have gotten offended, so I put on my big boy pants and quickly I got over it and used the critiques to better my RR photography. 2nd -Like Mike said the chances of me getting overseas for anything would be once in a lifetime thing and more than likely will never happen. My biggest issue with the oversea's posters (and some of the posters from USA & CA) is when I see a pic that appeals to me and I click on it, there is no description!! What good is an interesting shot if there is nothing there to tell me about it and entice me to venture overseas to collect my own photo?? Everybody has their favorite RR whatever that appeals to themselves, give me more that just a pic to look at, give me a reason to like your stuff. I love anything about history and thats why I am on this site, to preserve history thru my lens and throw in any facts I can along the way. I'd love to come overseas and see and explore the things I have read about in the history books. Since I cant, bring it to me, with descriptions and when RP dont like it, just roll with it, cuz at the end of the day its still your pic and you liked it enough to try and share it with the rest of us.
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