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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
What he said. You know, this whole " hates anything non-U.S." has annoyed me for some time.

So, I guess we should just agree to disagree. And the "USA versus the world" part is quite petty. That's just another ruse you and your "This site hates foreigners" crowd uses to disparage this site. Honestly, I had forgotten your name until this dust up. I was honest when I said I enjoy your work and the places you have been, but even more honestly, when you go off this "America hates the world" rant you do from time to time, I just want to say say this site will be fine without you and your photos. It doesn't have any effect on how often I submit photos on contribute on the forums.
Well said Mike. Rationalizing a rejection, especially by calling out others' photos after having over 4000 photos on the site seems like a greatly inflated sense of entitlement. With that many photos accepted, is one more so important that stirring up the "RP hates foreigners" argument is necessary?

And like you Mike, I have had a career that has taken me off of the continent from time to time, and I have done some limited foreign rail photography. It doesn't mean that I expect any of the photos to go to TO24.
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