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In regards to the hot photo alert, a lot of US stuff doesn't get it either- there wasn't anything for the first SEPTA ACS-64 or Amtrak Cascades SC-44. Other than UP 1943, I think all it has been used for is official NS stuff.

As for the whole US vs everyone else debate, I think most of the complaint is that North American stuff gets to break the rules more than stuff from elsewhere. I think this is a valid critique, but the reason why the other stuff is accepted is because it is considered historical/nostalgic by the American-based screening staff. Perhaps if there were a European screener or two things might be different, but the site is currently set up the way it is.

I like foreign things because they are different, and because I like to travel. I like to see different takes on train photography, and not all are accepted here. For these, I use my Flickr. I've found that many of the Japanese photogs like their trains right on the image edges, which I don't understand, but is interesting. I also put up my stuff there that RP doesn't like.
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