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Originally Posted by J-M Frybourg View Post
There are other aspects confirming the pro-US bias despite the ever growing international audience. Think about proportion of non-US pictures that got a SC? Just compare the proportion of Screener's Choice awards going to non US pictures with the proportion of (unbiased) People's Choice Awards (selection by any visitor) that fairly go to any picture, whatever showing a US or a non-US train.
Think of it more as a US site that has seen a substantial growth in foreign patrons. It's not "pro-US", it's just perhaps slow to recognize a rapidly growing foreign base. I would agree, a foreign screener might be a good idea - heck, any new blood with enthusiasm for the site would be beneficial. That being said, that doesn't much help unless all "foreign" pics are screened by a foreigner from a country often foreign to photos from foreigners. Maybe RP needs a foreigner for the appeals? Better yet - my suggestion to admin is seemingly simple - with all due respect - lighten up and be more flexible to well known and received contributors. The loss of several and the perceived atmosphere here deprives the site of its potential. As a fan of the site, I'll add, it's much more fun to post among the best of the best than that best of what's left.

I think most of us can agree - JM is an extremely talented photographer and certainly an asset to the site, its viewers and the hobby in general in regards to the material submitted. I am glad you continue to post here, JM - as I am sure other are.

As for foreign images - I certainly appreciate the opportunity to be exposed to new equipment, incredible scenery and the history that comes along with it. It's not appealing to all, but then again - neither are all the endless roster shots of black, blue, yellow and orange diesels. Or, worse - lol - SEPTA commuter trains! But there's an historical aspect to the database as well.

Incidentally - some of us are here equally for the photographers in addition to the photography. I've always welcomed the idea of RP being known also as a place with the BEST photographers on the Net, as well.

In short - if you have a gripe on the Forums - write it down, be constructive. If you have nothing constructive to say, but feel inclined to say something anyway (lol - we all do at times) , perhaps don't post until you have had a chance to re-read it 24 hours later. And most importantly - admin, perhaps a modicum (more) tolerance and flexibility especially for well established patrons and well received newcomers. I say this without a dog in race - well, one dog, but no personal gripes other than the fact I'd like to see more participation (once again) and enthusiasm from RP staff. Start here in the Forums, but make your way to the admin suggestions and TODO threads, lol.

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