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Originally Posted by ottergoose
the bottom line is that you have a poorly lit wedgie shot of standard CSX power and you got one of your foamer buddies to pose in the foreground.

It's not poorly lit. It could use a little work in PS to lighten a few areas, but the train itself actually well lit. Check the shadows. I'm not crazy about the b&w treatment either as it appears to just be a simple grayscale conversion, but it might have some potential.

Note I haven't gone into my background much. In the past I have worked for a (Kansas City) studio photographer (making product shots and some commerical location work), was a custom photo printer for Fuji TruColor Systems, have sold stock photos for over 10 years (mostly ag images,) and have 20+ years of nearly daily outdoor photo experience in multi-formats (35mm, 645, 4x5, digital.) While some screeners here are very good, some do indeed appear much less.....capable. Judging from the brief comments some make. As for the "hillbilly" comment, doesn't bother me. I am basically a very well educated small town/farm hillbilly. So is my wife, a clinical pharmacist. We are indeed transplanted Missouri hillbillies.

Kent in SD
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