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Originally Posted by Noct Foamer
It's not poorly lit. It could use a little work in PS to lighten a few areas, but the train itself actually well lit.
It is plainly lit. Interesting light is not the reason this shot exists. Given that, RP has a preference against the dark trucks look that comes along when the sun is at certain angles relative to the train. Another website might accept it, but it isn't a wrongly construed rejection.

Originally Posted by Noct Foamer
As for the rejection reason "high sun," keep in mind that many of these screeners really aren't photographers and know nothing about light and how to use it. That is THE key concept in all photography.
With respect to the current issue, the light is plain and there is no issue of how to use it. It is a plain wedgie shot, plus a person. Light is not the dominant photographic characteristic of this shot.

My suspicion is that your views on the screeners are colored by the amount of time you have been or spend on ObsCar. Take a moment and go through the screener's shots here on RP; you may find that your eyes are opened.
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