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Originally Posted by ccaranna
Trust me, he knows what he's talking about. Don't get him started!

Length of time/number of posts on this forum (or any forum) doesn't mean anything. I've been on the fourms for nearly 4 years and I still don't know beans. Well, maybe a little more than that, but I'm still learning. Believe me, Kent is the man.
Well, I have yet to see anything that demonstrates he's a superior train photographer to any of the screeners. I have seen his work on Flickr (, and it doesn't seem to demonstrate that "he's the man."

All I've seen so far are comments that are boastful and belittling. Kent, if you know your stuff, that's great - but don't be a dick about it. There are a lot of really smart, talented folks here who offer great advice without talking about how good they are, others are less... capable.
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