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Originally Posted by chris crook
Dude, come on. That is why people don't come on the forums in the first place. As if you have to be vested or something.

One can be a great photographer, or even a halfway good one, without having to get clearance from the forums.

I have known Ken on the ol' internet for a long time, and agree with him on almost nothing. But the idea that post count has something to do with photographic knowledge is offensive.
The point I wast trying to make is that's it's offensive to hop on a forum and say the guys running the site don't know what they're doing. It annoys the hell out of me, in fact. I've gained so much knowledge from the screening process that I get defensive when people knock it. I honestly don't know how I'd participate in the hobby if it wasn't for this site.

I'm not suggesting that post count or duration of forum membership has anything to do with how capable or valid of an opinion someone has. That said, generally speaking, the longer folks have been around here, the better idea they have of what RP's looking for. Generally speaking, when people who don't "get" the process start expounding bad advice with a holier-than-thou tone, it degrades the quality of the forums for everyone.

I apologize for the trolling... I'll refrain from adding anything else to this thread.
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