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Originally Posted by ottergoose
The point I wast trying to make is that's it's offensive to hop on a forum and say the guys running the site don't know what they're doing.
I can see where you're coming from, but why is it frowned upon for anyone to express an opposing viewpoint around here? I could never understand that. The screeners are fine and all, but they're not holier-than-thou either. Why not try to listen to someone else for a change? Someone that has experience and sees things differently? I'm not saying I agree with or do everything Kent (or anyone for that matter) says, but I feel the alternative of getting caught up in a vacuum more concerning.

Finally, what's up with all of the trackside sleeping? You guys must be bored or something. To me, that just shows: "Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of train watching! Come join us. We're so pumped up and excited about it, we fall asleep."
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