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Originally Posted by milwman
What Camera and or brand did you start out with and what do you wish you had now if other than what you have now. Now i am thinking more down the line of formats not the Canon Nikon stuff, I had 2 Olympus OM1's and a OM3. and made the jump to 645 and 6x6 mostly B&W.

I ended up with Canon's as there AF blowed Nikons out of the water at the time and still like the Canons i have, they do a good job. But i wonder what i would be doing or shooting with if i got a Nikon or perhaps a Pentax back in the 1978 instead of a OLY.
My first SLR was an Olympus OM10 and a selection of their Zuiko lenses. I switched to a Canon AE-1 after 2 OM10 bodies failed on me (the 2nd only 18 months old).

Canon were just going up market, I got one of the last AE-1's, it lasted me 20 years, and was still going strong when I sold it on EBay.

I'm more than happy with Canon DSLR's, although a 5D MKII would be nice.

I never really considered larger format digital cameras - they are waaaaaaay out of my price range.

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