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Started with a Canon T-70 borrowed from my father in 1994/5 shooting prints, then slides. Bought a Canon Rebel AF camera (can't remember the model) after Dad asked for his camera back. Used the Rebel for maybe 6-8 months before I tired of it and the whole AF thing. Replaced that with a used Nikon F3 and a 50mm F2 lens in early 1996. Soon I added an MD-4 motor drive and expanded my collection of prime/fixed lenses, and breifly had a 70-200 zoom lens, which cured me of zooms about as fast as the Rebel did AF.

Later I realized the one drawback (IMO) to fixed focal length lenses was the inability to shoot distant, then closer up without a pain in the butt rapid lens change. So I bought a second used F3/MD-4 combo and picked up a shutter release cable so I could have one on a tripod with a telephoto lens and one handheld with either a 50mm or 85mm.

On December 27, 2006, I entered the DSLR age with the purchase of a Nikon D200. I added a MB-D200 battery pack/vertical grip, mostly for the battery, and later still an 18-135mm cheapo lens for indoor photography (work, birthdays, Christmas, etc.).

I'm very pleased with my current camera, and my Nikon experience in general. The T-70 was a decent camera for what I was doing at the time as I recall. The Rebel was not for me and the Nikon F3's that replaced it fit the bill, were reliable and durable. I don't really have a "Nikon is better than Canon" thing going, other than for some good natured fun. I went with Nikon because a friend shot Nikon and had experience with their products and advised me to buy Nikon based on his long experience. Back then, I didn't know jack about cameras... and for the most part, I still don't

In the future, I'm looking at getting a D300, so I can once again shoot with two cameras. It's nice to have a back-up... just waiting for the price to come down a little on that D300.
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