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Started in the '80s as a teenager with a Pentax MX and the 50/1.7 Eventually wanted some focal length variety and got a Vivital 28-105 (used).

Put the train stuff aside, came back to it years later. Got a 400/5.6 manual focus because I thought I would be a wildlife shooter and that is what I could afford.

Got back into trains, did the Olympus IS-10 "bridge" camera, supplemented later with a 1.7x lens on the front. Nice setup. Eventually decided to up the quality and went with a Canon ElanIIe (used) and the 28-105 3.5-4.5, and a nifty fifty (used) soon thereafter. And at some point the 75-300 (used).

Digital came along and I didn't want to spend the money for a DSLR at the time so I went Canon A80 - a number of those shots are on the database. Eventually things got cheaper and I got a dRebel (used), and found that the lenses for the ElanIIe didn't make sense any more. Went with Sigma 17-70, upgraded the telephoto to 70-200/4 (used), and got a 35/2 (used) for indoor shooting without flash. Oops, forgot to mention that at some point I decided I really needed a faster buffer so, after rejecting the Rebel XT because of small size and big hands, I got a (used) 20D. Eventually decided to splurge a little and dumped the 17-70 and the 35 in favor of the 17-55 IS (used). A year later I get the itch and go ultra-wide with the 10-22 (used).

Long, crazy history, but I am happy with it all now and have no desire to change lenses or body or upgrade. (Well, I'd love to upgrade any number of things but I have no serious intent to do it.) It is all better than I am. If life had worked out differently and I were all Nikon now, that would be fine also; I'm not a Canon guy but rather a guy who ended up with Canon. I put "used" all over the place to show that one can save some money and new isn't important in this stuff.
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