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At 10 years old I decided I wanted a decent camera over the $20 P&S I had been using. I bought a used Maxxum 5000i and a new Promaster 70-210mm lens. It worked good enough for me. After a couple years, I tired of this setup as there were a number of things I disliked about the 5000i and I made the switch to a Canon EFM and a 28-80mm lens. The EFM was a VERY odd duck camera...I'm not sure if anyone has even heard of it. My dad still has it, but as I recall, it was an AE camera but had no AF. It lasted maybe two years before I tired of it, and upgraded to a Elan IIe. LOVED it! I also bought a used 75-300mm lens. The Elan lasted me 10 years before I started having problems with it. I sent it to the shop, bought a digital P&S...and pretty much never went back to it. I've pushed a couple rolls of slide film through it in the past year, but it's still having issues. In August of 07 I bought a 30D and 28-135 lens, and it's been serving me well ever since. I have since added a Sigma 17-70, Canon 70-200, and Canon 24-105 lenses. I'm pretty well set, even though far more advanced bodies are out. I've considered upgrading, but haven't since I'm happy with my current setup. However, if the 60D has what I it will, I'll pull the trigger then.
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