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Apart from a plastic box camera my parents gave me when I was 9, my first camera was a Nikon F, that I purchased back in 1964 (I was in high school), along with a 55mm micro Nikor lens, an unbelievably sharp lens for the era, although rather slow at f/3.5. My neighbor was a biologist at the University of Michigan, who did field work around the world, and advised me that the Nikon was simply the most rugged camera he had ever used. I believed him and he was right. That camera went up mountains, into caves and to five continents over the next 20 years, before I finally started upgrading with newer Nikons.

Friends who had early Canon A-1's reported that they tended to short out when it was damp, which is pretty much what happens if you are outside a lot, so I stuck with Nikon, progressing up through FA, 8008, N90 and finally an F100 . Once I finally moved to digital, the Nikon D200 looked and felt like the F100, had the same control layout, used the lenses I already had and it was a no brainer decision.

Would I have gone with Canon digital had I not had 40 years of Nikon experience and accumulated lenses? Possibly. A lot of my friends shoot Canon, but then again, the other half shoot Nikon. Both seem happy with their cameras.

Michael Allen
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