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First "real" camera I got to use was in 1976 when my dad would let me borrow his used Argus/Cosina STL 1000, which was a screw mount SLR.

My first real camera of my own was a Fujica ST-801, which I bought because it had a 1/2000th shutter speed, LED light meter, and screw mount lens mount (so I could share with my dad, who by then had also acquired a Pentax K1000, which was sadly later stolen).

In college I bought a Canon AE-1, which came with me on a couple European trips, and took a couple bad falls, without a complaint, and made me a lifelong Canon man. If anything could take that much abuse and continue to deliver such quality, I was a fan. I will say this, however, about both the Canon and the Fujica... the manual focuses on both were too easyily jostled. I have so many images that are soft or worse, downright un-viewable, which can only be blamed on my having hit the focusing ring by mistake.

After a couple decades, I moved up to a Canon Elan 7e, which I thought I would use for decades to come... as it was and is a lovely camera... but this was about 2002, and only three years later I was ready for digital.

I bought my Canon Rebel XT in 2005.
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