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Used a Minolta X-700 as a photographer in high school and received a Pentax K-1000 as a high school graduation gift. In the late 80's I bought a Ricoh KR30SP, since it would use the Pentax lenses. In the early 90's I added a Pentax PZ1 which I wore out, had refurbed and wore out again.
Patiently waiting for the Pentax digital SLR, Canon beat them to the punch with the Digital Rebel in Sept 2003, so I jumped ship. Since then I have purchased a 20D and 40D.
I still have all of these with the exception of the Ricoh. I am still a Pentax fan at heart, and was a mouse click away from dumping Canon and returning to Pentax in August. Pentax is hard to beat for quality and value.
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