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Not counting the old 110 point and shoot (did anyone else ever shoot 110 instead of regular 35mm?), my first real camera was my dad's old Mamiya/Sekor with 50mm and 135mm primes. I can't say that I was very seriously into photography back then, but I got used to the idea of SLRs that way. The first SLR I bought for myself was a Rebel XS (yes, that would be the original film XS - don't you love how companies recycle names?) back in 1995. I was about to take a cross-country train trip, and figured I needed a new, more reliable camera - I mean, the Mamiya was probably only about 30 years old then or something. I bought the Canon (with the 35-80 kit lens and a 75-300 zoom) because the price for the features was much better than a Nikon seemed to be at the time, and the places I was looking didn't seem to think that there were any other real choices. My first foray into digital was a Powershot S50 that we really purchased for my wife - I stubbornly stuck with film. The S50 produced some very nice shots, though the thing is SLOW, so eventually I decided to go digital with my SLR. Since I already had the Canon lenses, the Rebel XT made sense, and I've been using it since. Now I'm focusing on upgrading my glass, though if I won the lottery I'd pick up a 1DS Mk III.

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