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The first digital camera I used was some old Agfa that would be classified as a $h!t camera nowadays. It shot VGA photos and had no zoom.

My dad opted for the Canon A520 (4x zoom, 4 MP) when it received a consumer's best buy award, and we were both very impressed with it. Around a year later, I decided that I wanted to join in the fun, and went with the A540 (4x zoom, 6 MP), the replacement model for the A520. I used it for a little over a year and loved it, but really wanted more zoom. So, I went with the SX100, which is nearly as small, has a similar user interface, but has 10x zoom and 8 MP. I'm looking at a real superzoom model to push for next, as I feel that the SX100 will make a great travel camera for my dad on the road...

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