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I started with some Nikon manual-focus equipment. It was heavy, cumbersome, and didn't hold my interest.

Next was a Konica manual-focus camera with assorted crappy lenses. This was not my camera, but a camera borrowed from a friend. This was not a great setup, but it was enough to engage my interest in photography that i went out and bought a camera for myself.

My first flirtation with auto-focus came through two Minolta Maxxum cameras. These were truly wonderful camera, with good focus and superb metering. I built up a nice collection of Minolta lenses and flashes for my cameras. But then came digital, and Minolta wasn't rushing out to make a digital camera.

Canon was my digital saviour. I scraped my money together and bought an EOS Elan 7e and an EOS 3. These were film cameras, as I was too poor at the time to buy the expensive ($2000+) digital cameras. Regardless, I was able to buy lenses that would be compatible with my future digital cameras. My first lens was my 50mm.

When Canon came out with the Digital Rebel, I had enough money to get one. Oh, man, was I ever excited. Next came lenses, first a 70-200mm f/2.8L IS and then a 17-40mm f/4L. I kept saving up, and bought a 20D about two years later. By then, i was earning enough money from photography to pay for new equipment.

The requirements of my job dictated that I buy a better camera, and I shelled out the money for an EOS 1D Mark-II. A 24-70mm f/2.8L and 300mm f/4L IS rounded out my equipment.

Recently, I decided that I needed better high-ISO performance and resolution, hence my purchase of a EOS 1Ds Mark-III. I'm also looking at upgrading my 17-40mm and 300mm lenses in the near future, along with getting a 14mm and some sort of supertelephoto.
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