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Originally Posted by Mike B.
I chose Nikon because they are better built and engineered very well to work with the user. All the Canon cameras I've tried have just felt cheap and the controls seemed to be poorly thought out.
That is a opinion and not true, more like works best for you. In fact more Nikon's go into the shop for repair then Canon's. I am talking all cameras P+S to DSLR's. My Ex ran a camera store so i got to see what didn't work and what did. All brands have there lemons, some more then others. I am not slamming Nikons they do make a good camera, just some didn't work well as in the F4.

It was the F4 that that Gave Canon its big jump at AF and a lot of pro's jumped ship to Canon. Nikon is just now getting back some they lost in the 1980's.

Canon had the AE1 that had to go into the shop for a shutter lube every 2 to 3 years. All kinds of minota maxxims died and had to go in for repair.
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