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Originally Posted by Mike B.
I chose Nikon because they are better built and engineered very well to work with the user. All the Canon cameras I've tried have just felt cheap and the controls seemed to be poorly thought out.
Not sure which Canons you have tried, but mine is built like a freaking brick. With you on the layout though. If only the Nikons I use made as nice a frame as the Canon I own.

Started with a nameless 35mm at age 9 that had a light leak from day 1, moved on to some Minolta SLRs in later years, then a Maxxum of some sort. In college I got a Nikon F100, which served me well, then a D2h which is really nice camera that takes crappy pictures- at least crappy quality images. Now I have a Canon EOS 1d MkIIn, which is the greatest piece of technology I have ever had the pleasure of using. Really a magnificent camera.

Along the way I used a D1 with regularity, and later (and currently, for that matter) a D1h, which was a great camera in its day, but is getting tired.

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