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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
That's a lot of money. Holy cow! Someone's got a nice retirement plan!

A relatively short time ago, it was discovered that some railfans would actually pay this kind of money needed to relive and capture a few scenes from a time long gone..... This is a good thing since without that kind of money these charters simply do not and can not happen.

I don't have the exact numbers but trust me when I say the goal of most groups running such charters is to simply break even.

There are liabiltiy issues with both the railroad and the operator, fuel costs, crew time, materials and supplies (on many charters you may note that the equipment at times has been altered from it's tourist appearance, repainted, back dated or physically altered..... Add line preparation - cutting the brush, offsetting the costs incurred by volunteers, sometimes lunch and /or dinner, and coordination with museum staff and even state and local officials, not to mention the very most expensive part - renting the equipment itself, along with any movement and /or switching costs. The cost of such events is then divided amongst the group - more for small groups and lesser amounts for larger groups. The cost alone to simply rent an engine and consist scares off most would be hosts.

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