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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
As anything RR's and WWII there are Delano photos online. The women are like the stylized version of ads of the time and thinking more of it, could be viewed in the realm of advertising art so maybe I was too harsh in my comments. However the pose and look is????? As far as details, pierced ears?

Hi Bob,

I think that if we have to get down to the earrings on the ladies in order to find serious inaccuracies in the "authenticity" of the images, then I would submit that they look pretty good for photos shot by a (LARGE) group of enthusiasts at an event that wasn't designed primarily as a portrait shoot.

The ladies depicted in these photos are not professional models. They are WWII re-enactors. Unlike some of the other "Rosie" shoots that we've done, this one did not include dedicated wardrobe or makeup people. Railroad scenes (equipment and infrastructure) were set up for the patrons to photograph and the ladies were on hand to enhance the scenes, once the basic photos of the scenes had been shot. Pete's charters give the patrons opportunities to photograph operations and scenes that would not otherwise be possible by people chasing normal operations. He does a great job looking after as many details as can be addressed at reasonable cost and with the time and resources available. No, the resulting images are not perfect, but to all but the most discriminating viewers, they look pretty darn good. These charters are also a way in which patrons can support the railroads financially, and lastly, they provide the railroad personnel with some cool photos of themselves doing what they love. I can't recall doing one of these, in which most people didn't go home having had a pretty good time.

As for the blizzard of post-charter photos, yeah, this one has been bigger than most. In the past, there have been fewer patrons who were RP contributors, and those folks tended to post a more selective set of images. As with anything, time changes the people and their approach. The nice thing about RP is that you don't have to click on anything, if you don't want to. Folks who are sick of the charter can just scroll right on by.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.

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