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Let's see here:

1) I wouldn't expect that right away, but as more SD40-3s come online, it is certainly a possibility. They have been doing trackwork on the west end and want to use them on that side of the system, as well as the east end (where they already are).

2) They are very pleased with the 703/704 (slug) pair. With fuel prices staying high, I suspect those will be staying around for some time. It's also possible if some GP40-2Ls become surplus, they may convert more to slugs.

3) 9529, 9538, 9556, 9582, 9593, and the 703/704. There are none in CN paint. 704 is the ex 9423. All but 9556 were in the new paint, and it was wearing the previous ACWR scheme at last check, but could have been repainted by now for all I know.

4) Assuming they've all arrived, a total of nine. First batch was 6907, 6910, 6918, and 6926. The recently delivered batch are 6909, 6919, 6922, 6925, and 6939.
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