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Them slides are a traincrews worst nightmare.Im a hogger for CPR in Alberta and have many many years at working with these conditions.I ran for 18 yrs through the Rodgers Pass a line that runs between Calgary AB and eventually brings you through the Fraser Canyon to Vancouver.This is the primetime season for them as the snowpack is starting to melt.I have hit numerous and got hit by a few.Its gotta be the worst feelings of your life when you see one traveling at 50mph plus with 15,000 ton plus.You get down on the floor and hope you stay upright or a tree or rocks in the side dont come through the windows.We and CNR have some very close calls every season and even lose crews also.The rairoads have slide detector fences along bad and know areas but some times your buy the signal for slide indication and there it is,right in front of you.Night time makes it worse to because of the darkness and worst is the fog that develops in the mountains.Its getting a bit better every year as the railroads are patroling with helecopters and inducing slides with explosives.Still i dont think i will ever get comfortable and loose that nervous feeling entering the mountains.
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