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The derailment occured right in front of your shot, Joe, approximately a half mile away from where the photo was taken. The 55th thru the 66th cars came off immediately after passing over Park St. The soft roadbed (mud) is what caused the cars to turn over after they came off the rails.

I'm not here to bash, and I certainly don't intend to be rude ... but does Jason Pippin think that Ray Charles couldn't see these track conditions and not feel like a derailment was inevitable? Mr. Pippin made a similar statement when they turned over ANOTHER coal train in Gurley a couple of years ago. During an interview, he made the statement ... and I'm paraphrasing here ... "if you're gonna run a railroad, you're gonna have derailments". What he should have said was, "if you run a railroad like we run a railroad, you're gonna have derailments."

The bottom line is this: back in the days when they were making money hand over fist, hauling 60 to 80 cars a day out of Mullins, and then didn't invest any of that revenue back into the railroad, it has come back to pay them in full ... with interest.

I have no sympathy for either of the Pippin's, as they have reaped what they've sown. But I sure feel for the people who work for them whose livelihoods hang in the balance.

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