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I purchased a D90 a year ago to replace a D40x and am generally quite happy with it. My reasons for the upgrade were as follows:
  • Better autofocus array (11 pts vs 3)
  • Ability to autofocus with non-AFS lenses
  • Separate thumbwheel for aperture control
  • Autobracketing feature
  • CMOS sensor with better high-ISO performance
  • Higher resolution (12 MP vs 10 MP)
  • Larger LCD display
  • LiveView feature
  • Heavier weight and better balance with heavy zoom lenses

I cannot comment extensively on the 18-105mm VR kit lens as I have only casual experience playing with one. I did not purchase this lens and am using the 18-200mm VR as my everyday lens. I will say that my observation is that the build quality, focus speed and distortion level of the 18-105mm VR appears to be on a par with my lens.

A price of $800 for the body is about the best you'll do from a reputable internet vendor. I believe B&H will sell it for this price, and that's about $50 less than it was last Christmas....reflecting the fact that this model is now about 1.5 yrs old.

I haven't played with the D3000 and D5000 cameras, which I believe replaced the D40 and D60 series. If any of the features that I listed above are important to you, you should check to see if the newer low-end cameras have them. If not, you may want to go VFR direct to a D90 and save yourself the mistake of buying a starter camera that you may rapidly outgrow.

Edit: Just saw J's post and totally agree. The lens FLARE issue is related to the lens and how it is used, not the camera body.

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