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Originally Posted by Ween View Post
Gee, guys talking about their hobby on a forum that's about their hobby? Isn't it natural that people would apply the story, sad as it is, into how it could possibly affect their hobby? I can follow their logic train better than I can follow yours that *this* incident is the reason why railroaders hate "foamers."
Well Ween, you were one of the ones that I was not including in my asshole statement. However, if you read the last several postings about "I hope said carrier does not leave said terminal because of this incident. My point was simple actually, some of the posters on this topic were simply concerned about their own selfish goals over a human life. Yes, railroaders do read these forums and yes, they do have a distain taste toward this generation of railfans. With that said, I appologize if I offended you but, as said before, some need to do some self reflection.
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