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Hello all,
More Clemson railfanning! On Saturday, I was able to get a considerable amount of railfanning in. I got up before the sun to shoot the morning's Amtrak in my typical fashion. I caught it roaring under the signal bridge at CP Rowland in Central, SC only four minutes off the advertised. The exposure was 2'05" long and probably my best streak yet. The leader on the train was AMTK 167 but I was unable to catch the trailing units number, so as usual I'd love to get it if you know it.

I waited and before too long another southbound was lined up. I caught it, lead by NS 9505, racing under the bridge in, basically, a more lit version of the above.

I rode my bike to a nearby crossing and got a few rail shots (this one was the best).

Image ©
Photograph ©

As I was about to leave, because I had to be home soon, what do you know, but a cop pulled up. He just asked me the usual and so I showed my shot of the Amtrak on my camera and he's like "Cool!!!" It was pretty funny. So, then I went home, only to find out that two well-lit northbounds had come through right after I left with a Soo unit trailing on one of them. Oh, well. I made it back trackside at about 4:00 to enjoy some trains while listening to the Clemson game. 45 minutes later this southbound showed up making for my 7th shot on RailPictures.

Image ©
Photograph ©

Then after waiting a while, a northbound came along, which I botched and then another northbound which I wanted to pan, but I couldn't from the southside of the tracks, where I was. Another northbound was lined up, so I figured I'd do a glint shot. While waiting, I got this shot of the rail, which actually turned out very well.

Image ©
Photograph ©

Then the train came and I got the shot I wanted but it didn't exactly attain to what I had hoped.

It was a good day and Clemson won, too! I enjoyed it. Hope you did, too.
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everytime i see non-train photos of yours i think, "so much talent. wasted on trains."

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