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Originally Posted by SD70MAC
Hi Everyone,
Next week I will be chasing CP's Holiday train in New York State. Some things have been bothering me. A) I dont have a tripid and B) My Canon BP-511 battery hasnt been holding its charge. Those are two big problems if I'll be doing night shots.

First questions is about the battery. I see all these generic BP 511 batterys for a low price and I was wondering if they were safe to use?
I bought my 10D used which came with one BP-511. A few weeks later I purchased a generic battery from Batteries Plus. The Canon battery is no longer holding its charge more than 1/2 as long as the generic. If you can't shell out the money before the Christmas Train, my only advice is to minimize the amount of using the screen to view photos.

You are obviously going to need both.
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