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Default Science and rejections

During church today, the pastor was talking about 'fitting in' and feeling like you're 'on the outside.' He then transitioned to talking about rejection and started quoting some findings from a survey conducted by the U of CA. The study found that experiencing a rejection, any rejection, is more than just hurt feelings, it's a physical hurt as well. The study had looked at brain scans and showed how they changed before, during, and after some sort of rejection. But the best part, I thought, was when the study found that when someone is rejected, their IQ can temporarily drop up to 25% as a result of the rejection. 25%!!!!

And I gotta agree with that finding just based on some of the posting that occurs here in the forums after someone's photo has been rejected!!! I think some of those people might be suffering the effects of the 25% drop in IQ when they start typing!
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