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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
Ron, was that part of getting this accepted? That is, stating what the heavy modification was? I'm not dinging you at all, and this is a great scene (color or B&W), but its acceptance does open a can of worms for other types of heavily-processed images now being acceptable, as long as the submitter describes "what is, that isn't?"
As long as the item is labeled and has been screened for quality of the modification ... I don't have a problem with that as long as that becomes what the site is "about" and is not done on an exception / big name basis (accounting for the fact that "big names" may be more likely to do a quality job, but that is not always true, certainly on slide scans). The can of worms being opened up is the extent to which a screener can or should reject on the basis of that quality of modification. Here, for example, the brick wall has some oddly-sized (enhanced) snowflakes in front of it that do not work for me, the brick wall seems oversaturated unless the station was new construction at the time, and the sky has gone from bright overcast to dark, and the foreground snow is a bit gray for my tastes (which generally do not disfavor some grayness).

So, probably a one-off, but if not, is RP up to treating such material reasonably, and should RP aspire to expanding the walls, so to speak, in this manner?

BTW, nice job, Ron! Looks good (except for the excessive gray ).
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