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Hi John,

A couple of quick comments:

How long ago was the photo rejected? Typically, rejected photos are only held in the data base for 7 days, so the links will stop working and the shots will disappear from your rejected photo list after that time. If you are finding that the photo and link disappeared quicker than that, well that is curious indeed. I haven't been submitting much lately (too busy!!) so I can't say I have any recent experience with it. Occasionally, some features on RP do malfunction and it has been taking a while in some cases to get them working again.

With regard to the "Cloudy" rejection, I think that the usage is hit and miss. My understanding has always been that this rejection is typically applied for "Common Power", meaning that the standards are less strict for historic or unusual equipment. I have lots of cloudy day images in the data base, so my view is that if I can do it, anyone with reasonable processing skills should also be able to do it. I have no formal training on LR or PSE and I use both. My only training was at the "School of Hard Knocks" and even I have been able to sneak a fair number in.

In the case of this image, I agree with Janusz that it doesn't pop at all. It does look rather flat. In LR, I'd tell you to pull the "Lights" slider back a bit in the Tone Curve and see what that does. Perhaps some clarity would also help. I might also crop it tighter, since there's not much else of significance in the image and you want to emphasize the subject. Still, it may be a tough sell, particularly if you have ever argued with the RP Staff on other similar images.

I am curious about your comments regarding Lightroom and "grain." I use Lightroom all the time and would like to hear some more about your experience and why you believe that other software is better. I personally have been pretty pleased with LR and I find that I can now readily process images very quickly with it.

My RP stuff is here.

Link to my Flickr Albums. Lots of Steam Railroad stuff there from all over the US.
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