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Originally Posted by John Russell - NZ View Post
I signed up for Elite subscription in 2013 within days of joining RPN because I was restricted to 2 uploads a day. I would expect that anybody uploading more than 2 photos a day would be an Elite member i.e. a subscriber. If this is not so then we are dealing with something a bit more serious than strange here. The Elite subscription is still fully functional as I have just joined for a year instead of paying monthly. I received this PayPal receipt, a RPN acknowledgement message, and to my surprise that photo upload limit has disappeared. That does seem to support my theory that it was punitive in the first place.
I was elite in the spring of 2014 for 3 months and for 1 month just a few months back, both times because I had quite a backlog of photos I wanted to get added to the database. In both instances I had unlimited uploads the entire time.... that was the whole point of me using elite, albeit temporarily
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