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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Not being an IT guy, I can't appreciate the complexity of the coding that would be required to implement this, but the ideal solution to the To24 problem would be to promote only the Top 4 photos in the past 24 hours, based on RP site hits. That would come closest to making everyone happy. The "World's Greatest Railroad Photographer" could still link his images to every photo site on the internet.....but he couldn't muscle his way to To24 unless the RP Audience agreed that the shot was one of the day's best. RP would still get the external hits, and I think we all realize that's important to their advertisers. And best of all, each shot would either rise to the top or not, based only on how interesting the RP viewers think it is, not on how many links the photographer can establish.
As a software engineer, I can say that what you're describing is very simple. Remember when one could view the source of the page views? The functionality of how to acquire the previous page exists. All it would take is:
1.Get the page source.
2. if the source contains
-increment the internal top shot count and page view count.
3. Otherwise, increment just the page view count.
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