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Thank you, Daniel, for warning us and starting this thread.

The same story happened to me with a US publisher.

Jason Gregory, from J&O Railroad productions, was producing a book on the SD70 in Nov. 2014. He contacted me to get pictures of the SD70 working in Southern Peru.

I provided him with a selection of pictures. Then several times over the years, Jason promised to send me a copy of the book ( most recent was in July 2018 ), which never materialized. However, the book is still for sale on his web site. The number of reminder emails has increased over the years to no avail.

So, if I understand well, this gentleman (not sure about “gentle”) is making money selling books made with pictures he does not dare to pay even with one complimentary copy.
I am happy to warn the RP community.

It would be a good idea to keep this thread alive and feed it with testimonies of the same vein, to keep a log of deceitful publishers.
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