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Originally Posted by harrisonjh View Post
I forgot that you probably weren't using a tripod. The new technique is to level in post edit. I use a tripod all the time so the hand held level works well for me. Old habits die hard. If you weren't using a level you sure did a great job. Keep on keepn' on.
Probably because it takes a lot less time to snap a picture hand held and then level in post than it does to set up a tripod, mount the camera, rotate the head into position and do the fine adjustments it takes to line up the bubble. And also because a tripod is too cumbersome and impractical for a lot of photographers shooting during the day.

Then again, there are those guys who do it handheld and are perfect at holding a camera level. I'm not one of them. Heck, I can't even get it perfectly level using a tripod with the leveling feature on the 60D, so post leveling will always be necessary for me.
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