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Originally Posted by magicman_841 View Post
It's a very bad idea to install headlights above the windshield when the locomotives are going to be used in snowy environnements.

If it snows at night, any light mounted above the windshield completely blinds the crews. That's why nose-mounted headlights is so typical of Canadian locomotives.
From an operational stand point of view, I do prefer nose mounted headlights over cab mounted headlights.

Originally Posted by ARandall70 View Post
Compared to most of our "American" F40's, I'd take the extra light any day. Its better than one being cut up or turned into cabbage.

What is the hump at the rear for?
Head End Power, when CAD Rail in Montreal rebuilt VIA's aging F40PH-2D's they received a separate HEP generator that runs at full power. Which means the prime mover can be idled now without providing head end power to the coaches.

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