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Originally Posted by stlgevo51 View Post
I wish it wasn't so far away, because I would love to go. The 4960 is one of my favorite steam engines. I hope that anyone who goes will come back with some great pictures.
Jake, if you love steam engines, there are times when you have to throw caution and procrastination to the wind. I've always wanted to attend an Indy 500.....I'm 50-something and I haven't made it yet. But when I heard they were going to run Sierra #3...the engine that got me interested in steam 47 years ago......out in California last year, I got on the airline website and booked a ticket. It was a trip I will never regret....I ended up getting a cab ride.

The Indy 500 will likely be run year after year but if your favorite steam engine is running now, you'd better go see it now. There is absolutely no guarantee it will be there when you decide you're good and ready to go.

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