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Default Cool Technique, figured I'd share it.

For any of you guys that have problems with Noise/Grain in your photos.

I've noticed shooting at higher ISO's at night, I've had problems with noise/grain. This one probably got rejected for noise about 5 times before I searched YouTube and found a tutorial. For Adobe CS versions of photoshop, I cant speak for Elements.

Image © Wayne Stumbo
PhotoID: 418803
Photograph © Wayne Stumbo

That technique yields a much better image than the usual noise filter, which is Gaussian blur. The reason there was so much noise, is I cranked the ISO to 3200, which in the D700(being a full frame sensor) is pretty clean. However I didn't pay attention to my meter, and underexposed the image. So when I went to fix the underexposure it left me with a very noisy image. I used this technique to fix it.

I also used it on my latest. I shot it at ISO 2500, it wasn't very grainy to begin with, but I wanted to make sure it was clean enough for the screeners taste.

Image © Wayne Stumbo
PhotoID: 420904
Photograph © Wayne Stumbo

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