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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Thanks, Obama.
Not really accurate...

While his administration has definitely taken an anti-coal stance, do a little research on power plant emissions regs. Most of them were created in the late 80's, and phased in over a period of 20-30 years. Most utilities just did nothing to prepare for it. Some serious emissions regs were passed as late as GW Bush's last term, so it's unfair to blame Obama (solely) for this.

Most of the power plants shutting down were built in the 30's through 70's and have zero emissions controls.

I thoroughly love the pro-coal people talk bullshit about how coal is so great, and how we dont need the EPA.

Take a look at air quality in China, Russia and most of the 3rd world. Is that what you want?

Coal can work if you put the emissions controls in place (scrubbers, etc), but the utilities dont want to because of the cost. They want to pollute and pad their pockets in the process.
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