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I'm being somewhat factious, because I know I'm a decent photographer, and I'll certainly keep on shooting. But we're in the midst of a major shift in the world of railroad photography, I think.

I think it can be best summed up in this comment I got from Mike Brestel earlier today (Mike runs the sound at Summerail from the booth, so he has one of the best seats in the house):

What struck me is that the guys who grew up with digital instead of Kodachrome II have absolutely no fear—they’ll try anything. When I go out to shoot with my DSLRs, I’m still bounded by what I learned in shooting film for over 40 years.

For example, digital’s lack of reciprocity failure on night shots has opened a whole world of possibilities that were just not there when we were learning what a photographer could and could not get away with. I find myself automatically thinking “That won’t work,” while the young guys are saying “Let’s try this!”

I think that describes me as well. I doubt many younger shooters would even know what "reciprocity failure" is----but it was a major constraint on night photography using color transparency film.

I loudly applaud the work of these younger guys who have grown up on digital, and have never had to struggle with the limitations of older technology. Like Mike, I only wish I had my digital Nikon 50 years ago (in fact, my whole generation would feel that way).
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