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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
Ron - was any part of the presentation captured on video? Sounds like it was a great show and there were definitely a few presenters whose programs I'd have loved to have seen.

I don't think so, Mitch. In fact, videotaping devices are forbidden. Many of the presenters are very protective of their shows.

I just recalled I had uploaded a draft of my program some seven months ago so a couple of my friends could do a critique. I made a few changes, but this is about 95 percent the same show that was shown in Cincinnati. If you have a Mac, it won't work, but any PC can be used. Just click on the link. You'll be prompted to download a ProShow Presenter software package, but it's no big deal, and it only takes a moment. Then, click on the small icon at the top, and the show should begin. There's a slide with controls on the bottom, and you can right click to find "Full Screen."

This show was a concept I came up with years ago, but never finished. It's not my best work, nor is it my worst. I wish it were possible to share a few of the other shows from this year's program, but I don't have them here, and that wouldn't be my call anyway.
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