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"The world's longest freight train, measuring 4.8 miles (7.3kM) . . ."
If I remember correctly, they ended up either breaking or pulling out a drawbar on it. I surely would've hated to be the conductor on that one.

Based on a 60 foot car though, 700 meters would be roughly 40 cars. That's less than a half mile. When NS still ran their radio trains, 111 and 112 usually could only meet at one place on the Louisville District. That was at Waddy where the siding is 11,632' (3500 m). We frequently get autorack trains over here close to 10,000' or more. (3000 m).

A lot of factors can determine length, but on average, I'd say that most trains run roughly 4,000-7,000' long.

I guess this just proves the saying that a fool and his money are soon parted.
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