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Default Rebelling wih the Rebel.

I bought a Sony F717 sometime back and love the thing. When they announced the 828, I put myself on the waiting list, "Be one of the first", it said. When they came in, Sony shipped them to the retailers over many of those on the waiting list. So I canceled the 828 and bought a Rebel instead. Am I pleased with the Rebel? Yes. Is it better than a 717/828? No, it's different. They are both good cameras. Here's my first impressions on what's the difference.
Sony has a fixed lens but it is a very versatile one. Canon has interchangeable lenses, but it will cost you more money to get to where the Sony is out of the box. Sony has Nightshot. Rebel has better noise reduction. You can use the screen on the back of the 717/828 as a viewfinder and it will give you a decent idea of how the settings will affect the result. Rebel has a depth of field preview. Sony lens is Zeis (sp?) - great! Canon lens is Canon, or anything you want - greater! Rebel is SLR. Sony shoots too blue/cyan. Rebel shoots too yellow/orange. F717 sounds too much like an airplane. "Rebel" is an outrageous comodification for such a conventional camera. Both companies delight in selling overpriced accessories. F717 takes a sharper image. Rebel sharpens up better in Photoshop. F717 doesn't support RAW files, though the 828 does. Rebel doesn't do TIFF's, though they are less desirable than RAW.F717 comes with annoying software, not sure about the 828. Rebel comes with annoying software, but also adds Photoshop Elements. Sony black and White mode is a really ugly sepia thing. Rebel has no black and white mode!? I still can't believe this. Rebel does have a sports mode, for that quick jump out of the car train shot. Sony has video mode, but who cares? If I wanted a video camera or a voice recorder I wouldn't have bought a still camera, the Rebel has all the budget invested in still picture taking. Sony has a hinged lens, I love that. Rebel is SLR, I love that. There aren't many high grade third party items for the Sony so you get fleeced by Sony. Many people make accessories for the Rebel so you can chose your fleecer. Rebel is not as good as the D10. Rebel is pretty darn close to being as good as the D10. Rebel will get you more pats on the back from the doddering, dull, old guard. F717/828 is the true "Rebel." Bottom line: they are both great cameras and now I don't know what to take out with me. The real bottom line? It's hard to find a bad camera these days; they are all pretty good. My personal bottom line: Don't take your loyal customers for granted.
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