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Cool What do you carry while railfanning. Whats the railfan travel kit.

I was wondering what is the ''railfan emergency kit'' so to speak or what all do you carry with you on trips? Anything besides photography equipment.

Heres what I carry probably just a sample

Sunscreen(fair skin and hot days dont go well together), Hand sanitizer, a Coleman camping jug full of water, an issue of TRAINS, Imodium AD (God forbid it hits you and you dont have any on you, Tums, signal lists for the CSX Kingsport Subdivision, NS Appalachia District, NS Pulaski District, and the NS Clinch Valley District, a scanner of course(old bearcat need to get a new one), Lotion(hands always seem to be dry), Cell Phone, a pack of cheap cigars(dont want to smoke the good stuff while your out), something to knash on, Batteries, and an imaginary first aid kit(I need to buy one).

What do you carry as far as photography equipment is concerned?

Heres what I use to carry

Pentax K1000, several rolls of iso 200 and 400 film, 70-200 telephoto lens, and an HP 6 megapixel point and shoot(was a ''backup'' at the time)

What I carry now

Nikon D80, 18-135(i want a 70-300) Lens, Lowepro case, Quantaray blower bulb(for dust bunnies), lens cleaning kit, a 67mm UV filter(always seems to be hazy around here), a couple of microfiber cloths, that same point and shoot(for videos),and a tripod(for the p&s vids).

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