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I guess you can say, when I go railfanning, I go "paperless". I have a laptop stand installed in my pickup, and my laptop has a GPS receiver which I use with either USGS quad maps (via MapTech's Terrain Navagator software) or Microsoft Streets. It's also wireless, so whenever I can find a signal, I also run ATCS (I don't have a modified scanner). The laptop also comes in handy for those looong drives back home at the end of the day (or trip) when I have my 9 year old son along - he can watch Star Wars (I, II, III, IV, V, or VI) while I drive. Sometimes, when there's no action, and he gets bored, I let him play Nascar Pinball on it too.

My trusty Uniden Bearcat scanner has been serving me for many years. In fact, I wish it would die so that I could buy a new one. I have a Radio Shack telescoping whip antenna on a BNC window mount, and a railroad tuned rubber antenna for when I am away from my truck. When it is in my truck, I have it running through my car stereo via a casette adapter.

I have a 125 watt 12v to 110v adapter for when I have to recharge my laptop or scanner. Camera batteries are recharged the night before, but I also have spare sets of AAs in case they run down (Fuji cameras use 4 AA batteries, and I have a set of rechargeables and a set of ordinaries for each camera).

Fuji FinePix S9100 for stills
Fuji FinePix S5100 for video (and backup camera)

Igloo cooler with lunch and drinks (supplemented by a Sheetz or Wawa stop)

Cheap TracFone cell phone (it gets the job done)

eyescreen (sunglasses)
baldscreen (hat)
first aid kit
music CDs
DVD movies
railfan reading materials

I've been thinking about getting a short step ladder, but my tailgate is good enough for now.

As for mechanical supplies for my truck, I haven't been far enough away from AAA to worry about breaking down. If I'm going on a long trip, I top off all of my fluids before I go.

That's about it. My 2000 Ford Ranger has served me well, but I'm thinking about trading it in for a Jeep Liberty.
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