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Ron...I've been a Flickr member since 2006 and, even with all the recent upheaval at Yahoo (the corporation behind the curtain) it's still a decent photo community made up of some very thoughtful and creative folks. Most of them would be happy to offer suggestions on cropping, color or contrast if the posting photographer simply asks for such advice.

Since railroad photography is only one facet of my creative vision, Flickr allows me the "elbow room" and the freedom to post up any crazy image that I might come up with. Thanks to my contacts on Flickr, I've corresponded with...and even met face-to-face...several talented, nice, interesting people who happen to also be photographers. I have contacts who shoot heritage steam in the UK, race cars in Canada and street scenes all over the world.

There are plenty of other photo sharing sites...Mr. and Mrs. Bell use PBase for example...but I like Flickr's balance of photo sharing and social media. I've also had a few images spotted on Flickr by editors and designers who wound up licensing an image for publication. That's not my main goal with Flickr, but it's a nice side benefit.

And there's no reason to walk away from RP...Flickr works just fine in addition to, Facebook or any other photo site.

Worth a look-see if nothing else.

Bo Gray
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