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Flickr has its advantages, the presentation is a lot nicer. But its not a train website and to make it a train website, one needs to commit a substantial amount of time finding people to follow/getting people to follow me. Say what you about the system of RP, but on this site I know if I dump a good photo on, literally a 1,000 people will look at it with little to no effort on my part.

Sure, some people get a thousand views on Flickr photo (and by some, I mean very few), but thats only after many, many man hours of making contacts, adding photos to groups, linking said photos to other websites, etc. I don't have the time nor interest to do that. And, frankly, I generally like the definition of railroad photography RP screens by, so I generally don't have problems getting shots on.

Case in point; 71 Views

Image © John Ireland
PhotoID: 470240
Photograph © John Ireland

Same photo, same amount of work "promoting it," 15 times the views on RP.

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